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For committed entrepreneurs

Embark on a
transformative journey

Ready to bring your societal commitment to the next level?
We offer you a personal and group experience to help you
take real action in a mindful and sustainable way.

What are we about?

An introspective and collective journey
to accelerate your societal commitment

Innovative sharing is a personal journey rooted in a collective approach. You evolve within a circle of trust made of entrepreneurs committed to a more resilient society. You progress individually, drawing inspiration from each other and the impactful stories of pioneers in their fields.

A four-step

The key stages of the
Innovative Sharing experience

Our program

How do we
get there?

In addition to the individual and collective journey, we organize a community event. This brings together all the Innovative Sharing’s entrepreneur circles, and can be opened up to other communities. Its aim is to create links and synergies between members.

The topics covered vary according to the evolution and needs of the circle. Whether it’s social entrepreneurship, impact investing, regenerative economy, skills sponsorship or professional inclusion, we choose the best speakers to talk about it.

Our guest speakers are visionary leaders and pioneers in their fields. They all have personal and professional backgrounds focused on impact and change. They are here to listen, share their experiences, and present practical tools.

Our facilitators’ job is to inform the speakers of the circle’s specific features and objectives. During the workshops, they facilitate exchanges, ensure group dynamics and balance the speaking time of each participant.

From idea to action

The power of
the pledge

The pledge is the written expression of your societal commitment. You present it solemnly to the circle.

Every pledge is unique and translates your vision of a desirable future, your contribution to the world, as well as your roadmap, your deepest motivations and the resources you need to get there.

“Commitment is
what transforms a promise into reality.
It is the words that speaks boldly of your intentions. And the actions which
speak louder than
the words. It is
making the time
when there is none”

Abraham Lincoln

Sharing is making it real

A community committed to change

Our different journeys naturally gave birth to a community, whose aim is to make Innovative Sharing’s transformative approach brighten. Our strongest wish is to make engaged entrepreneurship the new norm.

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They say so

Innovative Sharing does not publish all reviews and makes a selection: for more information, consult the review policy.

Our partners


Innovative Sharing facilite et encourage l’engagement d’entrepreneurs talentueux. C’est une initiative remarquable qui permet des discussions, mais surtout des actions, autour de valeurs partagées.

Patrick Somerhausen, Funds For Good

Grâce au partenariat avec Innovative Sharing, Silversquare a enclenché de nouvelles démarches et réflexions stratégiques pour accélérer son engagement sociétal.

Axel Kuborn, co-fondateur de Silversquare

Innovative Sharing et la SMALA sont deux communautés d’entrepreneurs avec une même vision et une volonté de donner de la puissance à l’échange entre pairs. Pour maximiser l’impact de chaque entrepreneur, pas à pas et selon ses réalités économiques et humaines.

Sophie Joris, fondatrice de la Smala

Join us

Innovative Sharing facilitates and encourages the commitment of talented entrepreneurs. It’s a remarkable initiative enabling discussions and above all actions around shared values.

Patrick Somerhausen, Funds For Good

Thanks to its partnership with Innovative Sharing, Silversquare has set in motion a number of new reflective and strategic initiatives to accelerate its societal commitment.

Axel Kuborn, co-founder of Silversquare

Innovative Sharing and la SMALA are two communities of entrepreneurs with a shared vision willing to empower peer-to-peer exchange. Together, we aim to maximize each entrepreneur’s impact, one step at a time and according to their economic and human situations.

Sophie Joris, founder of la SMALA